Nothing to cry about

There’s a tree on the bank of the pond that is worth keeping an eye on at the moment. It grows on the tennis court side of the pond but leans over and spreads its branches out over the pond in the typical fashion of a Weeping willow (Salix babylonica). It is busily producing catkins at the moment and these are creating an ethereal yellow-green effect as light can still penetrate the leafless branches but the colour gently shows against the background of the other bare trees.

I don’t know whether the display is going to get any brighter but it is a possibility. This looks to be a male tree and as the catkins mature they should change colour as the anthers begin to produce the pollen. Willows are insect pollenated, so this is an insect friendly tree

I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on the progress of this lovely tree over the coming days.

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