Walks in the park

I don’t know if many people take much notice of the trees in the park. Perhaps not as much as I do but it’s probably true to say that it’s more likely that they do so when they are having a gentle stroll along the many paths in the park. So, I’ve decided to take a new direction in presenting information about the trees. Instead of simply listing trees and saying where they are, in isolation, I am going to designate a walk along a particular route and look at the trees along that route and take them as they come. I am sure I will miss many out to begin with but if I wait until I have photographs of every tree I’ll never get started.

It just seems a more natural way of presenting pictures and information about the trees – the way you come across them as you walk around the park.

It won’t happen quickly though. It’s September 2022 now and I reckon it’ll take me weeks if not months to get a few walks sorted out.

After all, I had the idea back in March when I took the photos above of people walking along the path by Avenue Road. The first walk will be along this path and I will publish it as I write it, so it will be incomplete for some time and will build up gradually, but at least there will be something to look at.

One of the problems with walks is who decides where to walk and how do you designate the paths. Avenue road path is easy, so is Vicarage Road and the path next to the drive. For others the paths in the park are not named so I’ve made a map with lines drawn on it to name the walks. I’ve decided on them in an arbitrary manner, mostly following footpaths to start off. They do not necessarily make interesting walks or long walks. No-one has to follow them, but they allow me to present trees in a particular way.

By March 2023 I’ve completed the Thrive triangle walk. When I started the Avenue Road walk, I realised there were so many trees that I did not recognise nor had photos of, so that walk will progress slowly.