The majority of pines in the park are Scots pines but there also some Black pine or Austrian pine.

There are several Scots pine trees standing together at the bottom end of the park and they make an impressive group when photographed together. There are around 42 trees in the area, on either side of the path making the scots pine the second most common species in the park.

There are other Scots pines around the park, three of them along the path by Avenue Road.

These are shown in order as you walk down the path from the car park towards the small children’s playground in the corner.

The next example is simply described as Pinus in the database. It can be seen in the corner of the car park, not far from the white house. Not looking in great condition in this photo.

At the back end of the car park, by the white house, this Black pine has a flat top and a rather curved trunk.

These three trees are just off to the right of the path that runs parallel to the main drive. The one in the middle, 26, is a Scots pine and the one on the left, 27, is simply described as Pinus. The other is a Dawn redwood

Number 26 does not look like a typical, flat topped Scots pine but it looks to be a younger tree than the ones down the bottom end of the park or across by Avenue Road.

Detail of 27