Welcome to Kings Heath Park trees

Established in July 2017, the Friends of Kings Heath Park are volunteers who work together with Birmingham City Council and the Park Ranger Service to help promote Kings Heath Park. We wish to see it thrive as an asset for the whole community and future generations, and to support events that bring people together within the park. Kings Heath Park is there for everyone and we wish to encourage continued use of the park for relaxation, recreation and enjoyment for all.

This particular site is dedicated to the trees within the park. The aim is to photograph the trees, identify them and catalogue them. Hopefully we will be able to publish photographs of the trees in different seasons, with a correct identification and a link to sites about that particular species.

There are over 800 trees and shrubs within the park so this will be an ongoing project. It would be nice to add stories and snippets, relating to trees in the park, that people may wish to volunteer. Perhaps items about favourite trees or memories of particular trees over the years – someone may, for example, recall the cutting down of what must have been a huge tree next to the sycamore and only a large stump now remains.

October 2022

In the past few weeks several trees have been added to the map but they haven’t all made it on to the pages of the website yet. Those that have, have generally been included into the Walks that have been started. A new map has been added to go along with these walks.

If you want to know what’s happening right now have a look at our blog.

If you do have anything you would like to add to our pages please feel free to contact us at kingsheathparktrees@gmail.com

How to find a tree