Horse chestnut

Aesculus hippocastanum

Information about horse chestnut trees can be found on Wikipedia and from the Woodland Trust.

As you come in to the park, from the entrance on the corner of Avenue Road, this particular Horse chestnut is just off the right hand side of the path.

As you walk into the park from Grange Road and you get level with the small path from the car park, there will be a large tree on your right, just off the path. It will be on the left if you are walking from the bowling green. It is a Horse chestnut.

There is a group of trees along the hedge to the car park by the Grange Road entrance. This Horse chestnut is on the left of that group as you look into the car park.

There is a group of three trees about half way along the path that runs parallel with Avenue Road, on the left. Two of them are Oaks but the third one is a Horse chestnut. Their canopies are merged together but the conker tree stands out from the oaks especially when it produces the tall white spikes of flowers in Spring.

Haven’t got a number for this tree but it is unmistakeable. It’s a huge Horse chestnut tree just off the path that runs diagonally across the park. It provides lovely shade in the summer.

As you walk from the Vicarage Road vehicle entrance towards the Grange road car park and you pass the triangular area of grass, about half way along, on the opposite side of the path there is a conker tree. This Horse chestnut is next to a Tibetan whitebeam and on the opposite side of the path to a crab apple.