Other trees

Usually trees for which there are only a few examples, sometimes just a single tree within the park.

If you are just outside the entrance to the plant nursery then this Maidenhair tree, Ginkgo biloba, will be right in front of you, almost on the corner of the path.

This is a Chilean pine or Monkey Puzzle tree.
It’s just behind the basketball court, below the bowling green

Just off from the picnic area by the white house this Campbell’s magnolia tree spreads out in all directions.

Flowers in late February

The Campbell’s magnolia flowers abundantly from late February but it does not like frost and the flowers are easily damaged. However a few days of sunshine will produce a magnificent display

No Hazel trees are recorded in the database but this curly Hazel is at the bottom of the park just off the corner of the path.

As you walk towards the car park, just before the path splits in two a Silver birch and two Hawthorn trees stand on the left of the path. These are the two Hawthorns.

On the corner of the path at the back of the bowling green this is the only English walnut tree in the park, Juglans regia.

If you walk along the path past the old tennis courts towards the bowling green and step of onto the gravel path behind the heathers you will come to this tree. It is a Handkerchief tree, Davidia involucrata

The handkerchief tree has scaly bark.

It is also called the Dove tree or Ghost tree. It gets its name from the flowers it produces in late April to early May which have large white bracts which hang down from its branches.