I suppose most of the cherry trees in the park are ornamental cherries. I’ve never seen any of them producing any fruit; something to watch out for. A lot of them are particular species such as Prunus kanzan or P. avium but some are simply labelled as Prunus species.

If you walk past the basketball court and take the left fork, just as you start to go down the hill but before you reach the path going across to the left, you will pass this tree. It is off to the right of the path. It is one of the many trees simply described as Prunus species and has yet to be identified any closer.

Walking away from the white house along the right hand side of the pond, just as you are coming up towards the car park end this Prunus species is on a corner of the path.

This was the first cherry tree to have flowered this year. It’s not far from the basketball court, towards the Thrive gardens.

This cherry tree is on the path alongside the vehicle entrance from Vicarage Road. It is a Bird cherry and has distinctive spikes of flowers in Spring, around April. It produces small, dark sour fruits which are particularly like by birds.

Just a short distance up the path from the small playground, on the left, is a fine example of a cherry tree. It is a Sargent’s cherry, named after Charles Sprague Sargent, an American botanist.