Thrive triangle

This is not so much a walk but a patch of trees that is worth a wander around. It is, not surprisingly, in a triangular area next to the Thrive garden – what used to be called the ATV garden.

Probably the biggest tree in this area is the Oak that stands on the apex of the triangle at the top end of the path into the Thrive garden. It’s a very impressive tree and the trunk has many burrs on it. The tree behind and to the right of this oak is taller but not as massive. It is also an Oak but a Red oak rather than an English or Pedunculate oak like the big one; it’s leaves have more pointy lobes than the familiar oak leaf. Another big tree behind the oak is a Field maple. Again, it is big and tall but not as massive as the oak which has a huge trunk and limbs. Standing underneath all these trees is a small Crab-apple tree which is still in a good enough position to get plenty of afternoon light and produces lots of bright red fruit.

Two more sizeable trees at the top end of the triangle are a Cherry tree just below the Field maple and below that, near the T-junction of the paths is a variegated Maple. I think this is a variegated Sycamore, Acer pseudoplatanus ‘Varegatum Leopoldii’ which is quite a mouthful to say a sycamore with mottly leaves, but apparently it is quite rare.