There are at least nine Malus trees in the park, seven of them not identified down to the particular species, so far.

If you walk along the front of the park, parallel with Vicarage Road and you reach the corner by the main vehicle entrance and turn right, this Apple tree is just on your right.

It produces pinkish purple apples and is a variety called Malus niedzwetzkyana.

If you walk away from the white house down the right hand side of the pond, in a short distance you will find this tree. It is simply identified as a type of Malus, so far.

There’s a small triangular shaped area of grass near the car park. As you walk along the path from Vicarage Road to the Grange Road car park along the path down the side of this triangle, there is a small to medium sized crab apple tree.

This Crab apple tree is on the edge of the stretch of grass running parallel to Avenue Road