My wife and I went for our usual walk in the park this morning; it was a lovely sunny day. There were lots of people out enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, chasing pokemon and training their dogs; just regular folk making good use of the local park.

We couldn’t help but notice all the birds darting about as we walked around. We regularly see a group a Redwings by the Eucalyptus trees, Blackbirds are often dashing along the ground in the shrubbery and the Robins have been a constant companion through the winter months, each keeping to their own little patch. Now they all seem a little more active and the air was filled with song as we walked around, trying to tell which one was singing at different moments.

It’s not surprising because we are fast approaching the time when nests will be built and the birds will be working hard to gather suitable materials. They’ll be singing their hearts out to impress their mate and then of course they’ll be filling nests with eggs and raising offspring.

We’ve noticed the gardeners have prepared for this well in advance and have already trimmed trees and hedges, earlier in February, mindful that nesting season goes from March to August. They’ve now moved on to other work and the hedges and trees will be ready for the birds to go about their business undisturbed.

It was a brave bird that built this nest; it’s barely below the surface of a hawthorn hedge, just off a path. Maybe when it was built the hedge had not been newly trimmed and perhaps the nest was a little better concealed.

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