Winter colour

We may not have thrown off the gloom of winter just yet but there is colour in the park. Walking up past the tennis courts towards the white house there is a large Camellia bush in bloom with lovely pale pink flowers. Turn left and in the area by the picnic tables there are two bushes together sporting white and pink flowers. There may be others which I’ve missed but Camellia aren’t the only flowers around, I’ve spotted more of the unidentified yellow flowers and there’s still some winter-flowering Viburnum around.

Just a few days later and we’ve seen Forsythia coming out and a Campbell’s magnolia starting to burst its flower buds.

There’s also a lovely quince bush just as you come out of the car park via the small gate in the corner. I didn’t know what the bush was but my wife told me and pointed to a shrivelled fruit hanging on in the higher branches. The bush provides a great splash of colour visible from a considerable distance as you approach it along either path.

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