Front of House

This area, in front of the Park House and the Nursery has some interesting trees. The two largest, and most obvious trees, are the Cedars of Lebanon – one in front of the house and the second towards the car park. There is also a third, smaller Cedar of Lebanon behind them, closer to the pond.

Opposite the cedars, on the other side of the drive there is one of several Yew trees between here and the just past the car park.

Going up the side of the house into the corner you will find an Indian bean tree, and then in the area behind the cross-shaped flower bed there is a large Bird cherry.

Coming back in front of the Park House again and going over to the picnic area there is a Magnolia tree that is quite spectacular in Spring. It is a Campbell’s magnolia and has wonderful pale pink flowers.

Round the corner from there, there is a Paperbark maple. It would not appear obvious as a maple as its leaves are not like a sycamore or Norway maple but have three separate lobes to them.

Further on from the maple there is a tall Maidenhair tree, Ginkgo biloba, opposite the Nursery entrance.

One of the most interesting trees is over by the noticeboard. It’s a tall tree with small glossy leaves and in early spring it has yellow flowers which produce a lovely smell of chocolate or vanilla (depends on your point of view).

There are probably many trees, in this area, that I have missed out as they have not made it onto the website yet. Some, because they have not been identified, some because it just takes me time.